The document distribution process for food safety companies.

3iVerify features a comprehensive document management solution which allows users to upload and manage documents under strict document-controlled conditions required by global food safety and quality standards and by food safety regulators.

Document control: In the context of a food safety and quality management system, Document Control can be defined as a secure but accessible method of storing, approving, reviewing, changing, and distributing documents needed for the consistent operation of food safety and quality standards.

1. Introduction

3iVerify allows documents to be uploaded, cross referenced, reviewed, changed, approved and distributed. The documents themselves can essentially be any type of document or file but are usually Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe PDF or other similar documents. The documents themselves are created offline in the native application, e.g. MS Word, and then uploaded into the system when being proposed as a draft or for approval and distribution. They cannot be edited in the system.

The purpose of this page is to help users to understand:

  • The document Lifecycle
  • What document distribution is
  • How document distribution works in practice within 3iVerify
2. Document Lifecycle
Food Chain

The document lifecycle in 3iVerify always starts offline. A document is created and, when ready, uploaded into 3iVerify for comment, change, classification, cross referencing, approval and distribution. This process is illustrated above.

3. Document Distribution and Document Type – Set Up

Documents in 3iVerify are Distributed to other Users in the system by virtue of Document Type. For example, Users who are in the Quality Team will need to be aware of Quality Documents, so we can set up a Distribution List called the Quality Team that is applicable to the Document Type Quality. When we wish to Distribute a Quality Document, we can then select the Quality Team Distribution list and a list of all active Users will be emailed an Acknowledgement Request. They will then sign into 3iVerify, read the distributed document and acknowledge them. A record of the Acknowledgement for each User is then stored against the Document.

To set up a Distribution List go to the Admin area and select Document Settings as shown below:

Admin module within the 3iVerify system.

Once Document Settings opens, click on Document Distribution:

Document distribution with 3iVerify

At the Document Distribution screen, click the Add New button:

Document distribution list in the 3iVeirfy system.

Then, simply select the Site, Document Type, enter a name for the Distribution List and select the list of users as shown below:

You can enter as many Distribution Lists for each Document Type with 3iVerify

Click Save and the new Distribution List will be available for Documents of the selected Type the very next time you open a Document record and wish to distribute it.

You can enter as many Distribution Lists for each Document Type as you wish, giving you the flexibility to segment those whom you may wish to Distribute documents to. For example, you might enter a Distribution List of “Quality – Senior Management” and “Quality – Supervisors”. This gives a very flexible way to segment groups of people that you wish to distribute documents to.

3.Distributing a Document

To distribute a Document, open the Document you wish to Distribute and expand the Document Distribution area and select the Distribution List you wish to send the Document to, as shown below. Click the Send Email button to see the email that will be sent and the full list of Users on the list.

An example of a document being managed in 3iVerify

Final document approval process in 3iVerify

Summary: The set up of Document Distribution is easy and is based on Document Type for a given site. The user can set up multiple Distribution Lists for any Document Type so that User can be segmented in any desired fashion.

If you are having problems managing your document control and approval process, please feel free to get in touch using the contact form on the side of this page.

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